Delivery Note


Here are the details about a Delivery Note, which is a document used to confirm the receipt of goods by a customer or recipient:


Delivery Note:

- A Delivery Note, also known as a delivery receipt or packing slip, is a document issued by a seller or supplier to confirm the delivery of goods to a customer or recipient.

- It serves as proof that the goods specified in the accompanying shipment have been successfully delivered and received by the intended party.

- The Delivery Note typically includes information such as the description of the goods, quantities delivered, packaging details, and any discrepancies or damages noted during the delivery.

- It is often prepared in multiple copies, with one copy given to the recipient, one retained by the seller, and others used for internal records and administrative purposes.

- The Delivery Note helps ensure accuracy in the delivery process, allows the recipient to verify the received goods against the order, and assists in resolving any issues or disputes that may arise.


Key Information on a Delivery Note:

- Seller/Supplier: The name, address, and contact details of the party delivering the goods.

- Customer/Recipient: The name, address, and contact details of the party receiving the goods.

- Delivery Note Number: A unique identifier assigned to the Delivery Note for tracking and reference purposes.

- Date of Delivery: The date on which the goods are delivered.

- Description of Goods: Detailed information about the goods being delivered, including the item name, quantity, and any relevant specifications.

- Packaging Details: Information about the packaging used for the goods, such as boxes, pallets, or containers.

- Quantity Delivered: The quantity of each item delivered to the customer.

- Condition and Remarks: Any additional notes or remarks regarding the condition of the goods, such as damages or discrepancies noticed during the delivery.

- Authorized Signature: The Delivery Note is typically signed by an authorized representative of the seller or delivery personnel to acknowledge the successful delivery.


The Delivery Note serves as a confirmation of the successful delivery of goods and aids in the reconciliation of orders, inventory management, and customer satisfaction. It provides a record of the items delivered, enabling the recipient to verify the accuracy and completeness of the received goods against the original order or contract.